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We ship Worldwide! Click here for details.

Our Story

We came to Singapore back in 2010. At that time, we were just living a normal life with enough earnings to sustain our needs. We were the typical OFW who took the risk outside our comfort zone with the dream to, one day put up our own business. By God's grace ma'am Rei, our Beautederm CEO came into our lives. That moment was our silver lining and everything else is history.

I started using Beautederm back in 2014 and noticed a very good effect to my face. From that time, we really believed in the brand's huge potential into the market. With the help and support of our kind hearted Madam CEO. We started to build Beautederm Singapore. Of course, there were numerous challenges along the way to the point of almost giving up. With God's divine intervention, BeauteMagic by Beautederm was born.

Today we have three Beautederm stores. One in Angeles Pampanga, Viewpoint Mall. One in Porac Pampanga, and one in Singapore Lucky Plaza, which is our first ever Beautederm International Store. With this, we were able to invest in various properties. I think the success of Beautederm is the spirit of giving, especially to our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

We would like to take this opportunity, to thank our BeauteMagic family for their support and of course to our CEO Mam Rei for the unbounded love. And to our faithful God who is limitless in love and mercy. God bless Beautederm. To God be the highest glory.

I am Michael and this is my wife Michelle. Live your best life with Beautéderm! 



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"Live your best life with Beautéderm!"